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Buy Baby Gift Items That Are Personalized

March 25, 2011

Buy Baby Gift Items That Are Personalized

By the time you finish reading this, you will know how one can buy baby gift items that will stand out from all the others through personalization. In the market today, one has a wide range of options to choose from. Unique baby gifts and baby gift baskets of the highest quality are available. One might want to buy baby shower gifts. A range of unique and creative baby gifts and accessories await you if you are going shopping for your baby. Personalized keepsakes can last a lifetime and one would prefer a personalized baby gift rather than a simple one which has no personal touch. Buy baby gift items and personalize them to add value and uniqueness.

All About Personalized Gifts for Your Baby

An enormous list of options available for personalization includes silver gift sets, silver photo frames, birth candles, bone china, pewter and glass products. You could personalize china plates in 22ct gold with the child’s full name, place and date of birth. They make a very special newborn baby gift. When looking to buy baby gift items for personalization, a gift with lasting appeal certainly adds value.

Another option is personalized children’s music CDs. Kids enjoy singing along to songs and will certainly love hearing their own name sung in the lyrics of the songs. Along with their great entertainment value, these personalized CDs help to build self-esteem and develop self-confidence in the baby.

Baby gift baskets are another great option. They are filled with great things for both mom and baby. They are the perfect pick as baby shower gifts, newborn baby gifts, as a first and second birthday baby gift. Browse all baby gift baskets and see that the basket is not filled with useless and cheap trinkets. See to it that the baby gift baskets have practical, useful and fun stuff within them.

Other possible choices which help the little one feel comfortable in their first bedroom include artwork, hand painted furniture, bedding and cribs designed and personalized for the baby. Comfortable baby blankets and cozies can be found in this category as well.

Another choice is personalized books for children. For sale are deluxe framed names, in which the name of the child is written alongside beautifully illustrated pictures for each initial and the origin and meaning of the name is explained.

Soft toys, which babies love to have, can be personalized as well. included are a number of personalized teddy bears, with embroidered details. The best part is that a personalized bear can include any name or message up to 50 characters long, from a simple birthday greeting to complete name and birth details.

A mug can also be personalized with around 50 characters and kids love to have their early morning drink in them.

Baby clothes are an item that parents cannot get enough of. Of course, many different ways of personalizing clothing exist, such as embroidery, hand-painting, and iron-on artwork.

Keep in mind the following while looking to buy baby gift items:
– The age of the baby while making the selection
– See that the quality of the selected gift is good.
– If the baby loves music, give him a personalized CD
– Buy clothing items a few sizes larger so the baby can grow into them if shopping for personalized t-shirts etc.

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March 25, 2011


Baby showers are usually a light hearted and fun way to congratulate the soon-to-be mom and give a gift to the baby. The cake should make a statement about the baby and what you wish for the family.

There are several different types of icing to use on this type of cake.

Quick Buttercream

1 pound sweet unsalted butter
1 pound icing fondant
1/2 tsp vanilla
2 pounds 3 cups

Use a flat beater or mixer to cream the butter. Add fondant gradually while beating.
Time – about 12 minutes

Cream Cheese Icing

10 oz of cream cheese
14 oz of icing fondant
7 ounces of shortening
2 pounds 3 cups

With a flat beater, beat cream cheese while adding icing fondant a little at a time.
Mix until smooth, add shortening, mix all together until smooth and light.
Time 10 to 12 minutes.

Remember that your cake decoration for a baby shower will be the centerpiece for the baby shower. There are plenty of places to get ideas for making wonderful baby shower cakes on the internet, or you may want to make up your own design. In any case you can use one of these great icing recipes.

Buttercream 1-2-3

3 Tblsp. Meringue Powder
1/2 cup water
3 cups of Icing Sugar
1 cup Sweet Butter
1 cup shortening
Vanilla to taste.
4 cups

Place water, meringue powder, and sugar in a bowl.
Beat with a beater until mixture makes peaks (7 to 10 minutes)
Add soft butter, shortening, and vanilla
Whip until fluffy and all lumps are gone

Flavoring your buttercream icing.

Amounts are based on flavoring one cup of icing.

2 Tbsp Hazelnut paste (melt over low heat)

1/2 tsp instant coffee dissolved in 1/2 tsp water.
2 Tbsp Semi-Sweet chocolate-melted

Cocoa and Oil
Mix 3 Tbsp cocoa powder and 2 Tbsp veg oil into a paste.

Lorran Oils- 10 to 12 drops

Vanilla- 8 drops

Lemon Flavor- 6 drops lemon oil and 2 Tbsp Lemon Butter

Of course, you can use these recipes on any cake decorating design. The baby shower cake is usually a smaller cake with whimsical or heartwarming decorations in a baby theme. In times past, the decorations for baby shower cakes were limited, now they can be found everywhere. Craft stores usually have a variety of ready-made cake decorations for your baby shower cake.

Whether you are a pro or a novice it is fun to do a baby shower cake decorating project. You can choose to buy the decorations, or make your own with icing. You can use your skills and imagination to make your baby shower cake outstanding. You will be elated when everyone compliments you on the beautiful baby shower cake.

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Check It Out – Checklist for Baby Shower Supplies

March 25, 2011

Check It Out – Checklist for Baby Shower Supplies

How many times have we sat down after a shopping spree and forgotten what it was we went for in the first place. This is why a checklist is vital when planning your baby shower party. Celebrations like this need ample supplies of goodies in quantities depending on the size of your guest list.

Invite cards are crucial elements and are one of the first items to be listed when piecing together a baby shower checklist. If you have a theme for the party then add this to the invitation this gives your guest a good idea on what the celebration is all about and will also help them with their gift picking. A month before the baby shower is a perfect time to send out the cards. RSVP all print outs.
If cost is an issue then go online and select the invites from there.
Online shopping for invitations offer a great range so selecting the right one will not be a problem. Why not kill two birds with one stone and have your thank you cards printed out at the same time. Remember it is the card of thanks that brings the celebration of the baby shower to an end. You could even try making your own

Be sure to add to your checklist – games and activities. Fun and laughter for all who participate is how you want the atmosphere to be and why not, this is a happy and joyous event. Award the winners of each game with prizes.

Run through the list of items on your checklist to see if you have the party venue listed in your notes. Decorate the party place accordingly to the theme. If the baby shower is a layette bash then a clothes line draped with baby wear of coloured paper cut-outs and other bits and bobs make a great display. This is your baby shower so you get to decide on what to hang – just make sure it is not yourself.

Let us not forget the buffet bar serving food and drinks. If you can account for all the guests attending then this will give you insight on how much food and drink to order for the baby shower party. Always up on supplies – because you always have one guest whose eyes are bigger than their belly.
Jot down what edibles and drinks you intend to lay out on the feast table. Before going ahead and ordering your niblets think about the preparation behind any food dishes you have planned to serve, the reason is it may take up to much of your time to cook or even worse to much time cleaning up after..

A thank you token given to all guests who attended the baby shower is very traditional. Baby shower souvenirs need not be expensive, bulk buy to save money
Make the checklist one of the essential things you have to do before planning for the baby party; it makes sense to have all your ideas for your celebration drawn up on a list so that nothing is forgotten. Just remember not to forget the checklist of baby shower supplies when you go shopping

Always check the checklist to make sure you checked it

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Children’s Gift Ideas: Babies, Toddlers, and Beyond

March 25, 2011

Children’s Gift Ideas: Babies, Toddlers, and Beyond

No sight inspires more “oohs”, “aahs” and similar expressions of adoration than a new baby. First time mothers may be surprised by the number of baby gifts they receive while pregnant and even after baby arrives. It is not uncommon for even strangers to bestow baby gifts upon an expectant mother.

The shower of baby gifts often doesn’t end after baby is born. Traditionally, until junior is able to fend for himself, you may find yourself swamped with an incredible selection of baby gifts that serve to entertain, pamper and humor your little ones.

At some point you’ll find yourself on the buying end of the totem poll. When your time comes to shower a new mom or family with baby gifts, keep in mind that not all gifts are created equally. Baby gifts can be broken down into several categories, including those for infants, toddlers and beyond.

There are several well intentioned items that end up in a corner or drawer never to be looked at again when received. To make the most of your best intention, keep in mind that infants seldom need elaborate toys and educational accessories to crowd their nursery. Some well appreciated and useful gifts for infants include the following:

Diapers – lots and lots of diapers. The typical infant goes through 5-8 diapers per day that translates into as many as 56 diapers a week or more than 200 per month. Baby may not express their enthusiasm at the offering, but a parent certainly will

Diaper service – this is a wonderful and thoughtful gift for someone considering using cloth instead of disposable diapers.


Diaper Disposal System

Onesies of varying sizes and colors

Baby Bath Items

Socks to keep an infant’s feet warm


Teething rings


Crib sheets, Changing Table Sheets

Burp Cloths


Baby Bouncer Chair


Crib Mobiles

Coming into the Toddler stage of course, everything changes! Here is where the gifts start becoming fun. Toddlers may make much better use of educational toys than infants. Among the offerings certain to be appreciated in this category include the following:

More teething toys

Anything colorful



Baby Einstein or Disney Videos

Junior Bikes

Stuffed Animals

Musical Toys

Building Blocks

Toy Cars or other Vehicles

Discovery Centers

Once a toddler moves into an older stage, be sure to consult with parents regarding gifts. Find out what types of hobbies their child or children are into. In some instances some of the gifts that apply for toddlers apply to older children as well. These include bicycles, books, and animals (stuffed or otherwise).

Many well intentioned friends consider buying an older child a pet as a gift. Many well meaning parents do the same for their children, thinking having an animal will help teach responsibility. Keep in mind though that young children are still barely grasping how to take care of themselves, and while having a pet can be entertaining and enlightening, a majority of the care giving will likely still rest on the shoulders of the parents instead of the child.

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Choose A Great Baby Shower Theme

March 25, 2011

Choose A Great Baby Shower Theme

Though a theme isn’t necessary for a successful baby shower, it can be a great way to pull a baby shower together. Unsure of what games you should play? Can’t choose between different food spreads? Pick a baby shower theme and all of these aspects of the baby shower will become clear. Here are just a few to choose from.

Hollywood Themed Baby Shower

Your invitations can look like movie tickets. Your games can focus on celebrity and movie trivia. You can even ask your guests to dress up as movie stars, if you like! And of course, hot dogs and popcorn are one choice for your guests or you could go the opposite direction with fare that a healthy minded Hollywood mom would love.

Tea Time Baby Shower

If you’re having a ‘girls only’ baby shower, a fun way to celebrate the new little one is to host an afternoon tea. Decorations need be no more than what your living room already holds or you may opt for a tea house instead. Food can include finger sandwiches, scones, jam, and of course, a variety of tea for each of your guests to choose from. Accentuating the Victorian aspect of a traditional tea is another option as is heading to the other side of the world for a traditional Japanese tea theme for your baby shower.

Stock The Shelves Baby Shower

All new moms will need baby food, diapers, wipes, bath supplies, formula or bottles

Framin’ It In

March 22, 2011

I promised some more recent photos of the progress on our house. So here they are.

We had a TON of rain this week, so not much has been done. But at least they’re really close to having it all framed in and completely under roof! Can I get a “hallelujah”?!

Ours is the first one… the one immediately to the right of the finished home in the foreground of this picture.

It’s hard to believe that this will be finished–FULLY complete–by the middle to end of June!


Being Brave

March 22, 2011

For my Monday post–which has become my day when I post something to get myself (and my readers and followers) focused and motivated/inspired–I found the following quote and loved it. I love everything about it! Maybe this is something that needs to be hanging on my wall, along with this one

Anyway, here it is…

Source: frenchcharming

This is such an encouraging and inspirational truth! Bravery is contagious. So I want to learn from others’ courage and bravery and then step out and be brave with my own life. I want to take risks. I want to trust.

I think that with this–in stepping out in bravery–comes the necessity to be a cheerleader for others. To come alongside others and cheer them on as they then follow our lead.

So, whose bravery have you learned from, and who are you stepping out in bravery for?